So, Why Now?

Now, tomorrow, and yesterday sign.

Here I am at the end of my twenties, with a full-on career as a traveling Respiratory Therapist, starting a blog and pursuing a music career…what in the Sam Hill am I thinking? Why now?

Let me just say, I HAVE NO IDEA! I just know that after finishing my BS degree at an internationally renowned research & medical university (go Big Green!), obtaining an MBA in Healthcare Management, and almost three years of traveling all over the nation as an RT, I STILL feel UNFULFILLED!

In the past, I dreaded going to work EVERYDAY. I was living for the weekends. I cringed every time someone would say to me how great my life was or how proud they were of me. I felt like a fake but I didn’t know why. People were only seeing the vacations and the filtered pics I posted on social media. No one knew or could understand the void I felt. Whenever I voiced it, people would look at me as if I was the most ungrateful person on earth. “There are a lot of people who would love to be in your shoes”….a phrase I heard way too many times. Yes, I knew this was true. But I just felt like I could do more, or should I say GIVE more to the world.

Whenever I was at work, I felt chained and limited. I loved the interaction I was able to have with my patients and their families. But as far as my creativeness went, let’s face it, it was DRY ROT and DEAD. There were so many rules and regulations. So many laws and bosses to abide by. I love helping people but working in the hospital can be tricky. I often felt that patient care was a lot more profit-driven than actually geared toward making people healthier (But, that’s a whole nother story for a whole nother day).

Anywho, enough was enough and I started to do some soul-searching. As far back as I could remember, my happiest moments always involved me singing/creating music and making connections with people. So I made a conscious effort to get back to those things. For weeks, all of my spare time went to sit in my closet with my headphones on listening to music. I started writing songs again and I couldn’t wait to spend time doing these things. I was happy again. THIS was the feeling I craved and knew I was supposed to have EVERY DAY.

Now I’ve always pushed away from the idea of pursuing a music career. Honestly, I never took my talents seriously or ever thought they were good enough to actually make a difference. A lot of times, we overlook and devalue the gifts God gives us because they come so naturally for us. But after months of soul searching and a lot of counseling from my friend/mentor/life coach (yes, she became all of that to me!) Teeya Skipper, I’ve finally realized that THIS is something I MUST pursue. I recently read a quote that said, “The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them”. It wasn’t until the end of last year that I truly came to understand this.

The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them.

For years, I allowed MYSELF (and FEAR) to get in the way. For way too long, I did nothing trying to make sense of it all. The void I felt was a result of me not walking in my purpose. Obtaining degrees, traveling the world, having material things or relationships with people can all be great fillers. However, if those things are not connected to your purpose, you will always experience a feeling of emptiness. I realize that my happiness lies in me walking in my purpose and now I’ve decided to do some things differently so that I can stay true to who I really am and be happy.

I realize that many would consider me too old to be starting out on this career path. There are soooo many talented singers, writers, and speakers out there. Technically, the odds are not in my favor. But, I heard one of my favorite pastors, Joel Osteen, say that it’s situations like this that God gets the most glory from. WHEN I make it successfully, everyone will clearly see that it’s only because of God! These dreams are way out of my league (lol).

For me, there’s just no feeling like making great connections with people. I believe that’s a special gift God has given me. So, with this blog and the music I create, I plan to do just that! I seek to make connections with people all over the world. I hope to inspire, uplift and spread love. I pray to be the difference that so many people need to see in such a dark world.

So, why now? Because it’s time….

AND it’s time for you too! If you find yourself constantly unhappy, dreading to get out of bed in the morning, or feeling like things are just off in life, know that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO STAY THAT WAY! Each one of us has been specifically chosen to have this earthly experience and FORTUNATELY, only YOU can control whether it’s a great one or not. We were all designed with a purpose. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or didn’t do in the past, your future depends on the decisions you make NOW. Don’t let the odds talk you out of the dreams and ideas God has placed in your heart.

Imagine if, at your life’s ending, the person you became meets the person you could have become. Will you be ecstatic or ashamed? Refuse to live another moment of unhappiness. Greatness lies within you. Don’t withhold it from the world.

Why now? Because it’s time…..

Live Free. Inspire. Be Bold.

Adrienne Dione


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Adrienne Dione

I am a mentor, speaker, and author in San Diego, California who teaches ambitious individuals all over the world how to evolve into their best selves and create their own lifestyle design.


  1. on May 11, 2018 at 5:19 am

    This has inspired so much!!!!!! There’s so much i wsnt to say but i simply cant find the words. Im moved, motivated, encouraged and inspired by your story. I pray that God will continue to bless you and increase your audience and platform. You not only have w new fan, but a proud friend. Keep soaring to new heights girl.

    • on May 15, 2018 at 7:51 am

      Thank You so much for your kind words! Comments like this one is what helps to keep me going on the toughest days. Blessings to you! 🙂

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