Girl, Get Ya’ Travel On with Daja Jolliff

Today on the GMP,  you are guaranteed to have major FOMO as Daja Jolliff shares her experiences of living abroad and vacationing in more than 10 countries in the past 2 years…Talk about living your best life!

23-year-old Daja has seen and done more than most people will ever do in their entire lifetime, and she has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.  Oh, and in case you’re thinking she just another “privilege one”, guess again! This Detroit native talks about her “hood” background and how she received the opportunity of a lifetime by simply doing something she loved.

In this episode, we are discussing why traveling is so important for personal development and why it’s necessary to break out of our comfort zones.

This episode is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to afford traveling despite a limited income and how to get over their fear when pursuing their goals.

In this episode, you’ll find out about:

How Daja travels the world on a teacher’s salary

If traveling solo is really safe or fun?

The biggest travel obstacles Daja has encountered.

Tips and tricks for anyone traveling in the future

Why excuses really don’t matter when it comes to achieving goals.

The mindset necessary for pushing the envelope and conquering fears.

How your thoughts manifest your life’s realities.

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