Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Goal Mind Academy?

The Goal Mind Academy is a coaching firm created by Adrienne Dione to assist individuals who are struggling to reach their goals due to negative, self-limiting mindsets and/or mental barriers.  Our programs have been designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners shift and manage their minds, and implement a proven goal-setting system that will allow them to create their desired results in business and every other area of their lives.

Who do we serve?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs - Has God given you a great idea for a business but you feel overwhelmed about the process OR inadequate concerning your abilities? Has fear of failure stopped you from taking the leap of faith you know is required?

Or, have started working on your business but often find yourself procrastinating or hindered by 'perfectionism' ?  These are all tale-tale signs of an mismanaged mind.  So, before spending tons of money on 'business strategies' that you'll never be able to successfully implement with a mismanaged mind, get assistance with overcoming your mental barriers so that you are able to create the type of business that God purposed you for. 


Entrepreneurs/Business Owners -  Are you feeling burned out or unmotivated in regards to your business? Do you worry about how to stand out in your saturated market or whether you'll be able to keep up with the pace of your evolving industry?

Whether you are a 'Newlypreneur' or a veteran in the game, the biggest battle Entrepreneurs/Business Owners face is our mindset.  We are exposed to uncertainty, risks, and challenges on a daily basis.  Without the necessary tools to keep negative thoughts in check and self-sabotaging behaviors out, it's easy to fall into a slump of limited thinking.  Limited thinking produces limited ideas and ultimately stunts your growth and performance. 

If you want a successful thriving business, you have to develop the mindset to match it.


Who are our ideal clients?

Our ideal clients are ambitious individuals who know they have a purpose to fulfill and are committed to its achievement.  They understand that a positive, growth mindset is the driving force behind success and are willing to invest the time, money, and resources into making sure their minds are functioning at its highest capacity.

Our ideal clients are go-getters who make their goals a priority and are ready to do the work to get the results they desire.

Our ideal clients have a sense of urgency to get the solid plan for shifting their mindsets and learning to manage it. They believe that their goals can be attained with the right strategies and accountability to assist them along the way. 


You could be our ideal client if: 

-You are tired of your negative thoughts getting the best of you and are ready to implement a new belief system that will serve you and your goals.

-You are tired of giving up and losing faith when obstacles arise and are ready to develop a growth mindset that creates opportunities out of challenges and guarantees success.

-You have the ideas/strategies that will take your business to the next level and you're now ready to eliminate the mental barriers that have been responsible for your stagnation.

How do I know if Adrienne is the right coach for me?

Adrienne is passionate about helping others break through the fear, self-doubt, and other mental barriers because she once fell victim to the same strongholds and know the negative effects it has on one's life.   

Therefore, Adrienne is all about RESULTS! No BS, no FLUFF. She works best with those who apply the same 'no-nonsense' approach to achieving their goals.  Her objective is not to inspire you or to become your favorite motivational speaker.  Her goal is to help you evolve into your best self so that you can create and give value to others.  Everything she does and creates is geared towards that. 

Adrienne's ideal clients are those who DO NOT make excuses or quit when things get hard. They are willing to do the work necessary to reach their goals and trust that Adrienne will hold them accountable during the process. If you are not willing to make the commitment to yourself and give 100% effort, Adrienne is not the right fit for you.

What separates The Goal Mind Academy coaching programs from other programs?

For starters, we are true professionals continuously striving for excellence. Our love for learning and self-development drives us and we take pride in being students of life - always learning, always digging deeper, and always challenging the way things are done. You can rest assured that we'll always serve you to the best of our ability.

Our programs are action and result-oriented and have been carefully designed to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.  Our strategies and techniques are easy to learn and inspiring to apply immediately.  We believe in teaching you "how to fish" instead of "giving you food" that will only satisfy for a short period of time.  After completing our programs, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to coach yourself and continuously manage your mind, allowing you to create your desired results in ANY area of your life.

How does the Goal Mind Academy coaching system work?

The Goal Mind Academy consists of 3 coaching tiers that have each been carefully designed to meet the specific individual needs of our clients.  For example: Our most popular tier, the Goal Digger Program, is designed for entrepreneurs who want the full access pass because they are invested and ready to make a long-term commitment to their overall success. The timeline for this program is 6-months.  Our accelerated Master Miner Program is designed for clients who want quicker results and are willing to allocate a specific amount of time for intense, laser-focused training.  The timeline for this program is 2 days.  All of our programs include strategies that are focused on teaching our clients to transform their mindsets and implement a proven goal-setting system that works.

The first step for those who are interested is to set up a 1:1 Goal Mind Strategy Session with Adrienne.  During the session, the two of you will get to know each other, talk more in depth about your specific needs, and she'll answer any questions that you may have.  At the end of the call, Adrienne will make recommendations to you as to what level of coaching (if any… She does “select” her clients!) would be the best match for you at that time.

How do I know if it is the right time for me to hire a coach?

Albert Einstein once said, “Problems can’t be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”.  Translation:  If you could have figured it out by now, you already would have.  So instead of continuing to think yourself in circles and wasting time and money on business courses/strategies, try a new approach.  Get outside support that will help you eliminate those mental blockages and expedite your journey to success.

Hiring a coach could be the difference in you reaching your business goals in 6 months as opposed to 5 years. You have everything on the inside of you to fulfill your purpose, you just need to develop your GOAL MIND!

How quickly can I see results?

Your results directly depend on the amount of effort/work you put into the program.  With that being said, some clients have experienced results in just 1 session.  Check out some testimonials here:

Are You With Us?

We applaud you on having the courage to take your life and business to the next level! Please click here to complete the application for our private coaching programs if you have not already done so. If you have already applied, we look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss your goals and how our resources can be of assistance.




Not ready to become a private coaching client just yet and want to know how you can benefit at low or no cost? Check out these options below: 

Make sure that you are a member of our private Facebook Group for an intimate experience. Members are able to join other ambitious women who are all about reaching their goals and becoming their best selves in the process. Each week, Adrienne goes live to talk about specific topics in greater detail and answer any questions you might have. It's a nurturing community that uplifts, encourages and holds each person accountable.

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